Brett Gutstein

I am a graduate student in the computer science department at Rice University. I have undergraduate degrees in mathematics and computer science from Rice and previously studied computer science at Trinity College, Cambridge on the Abraham–Broad Scholarship.

My academic interests include operating system design, computer security, computer networking, and programming language design. I'm also interested in ways that computer systems can be applied to do good in the world. I will happily provide services related to system administration or development free of charge to similarly minded non-profits.

I am a co-founder of Steward Technology and have previously worked for HBK Capital Management (Dallas, TX) and Microsoft's Developer Division (Redmond, WA).

I design, typeset, and publish books and ephemera. Send me an email if you'd like to see some of my work or are interested in working together.

I like playing and listening to music, gardening, reading, and learning world languages. I'm the proud owner of one hexadecimal dollar.

Feel free to contact me to chat about anything. You can reach me by email at My PGP public key fingerprint is D584 5E71 3BD9 EEDA A94B D173 38C2 E0E4 9EE0 4E28, and you can find the full key here. You can alternatively find it by searching at a key server.