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24 August 2021

A redesign of the Rice shield

Back in 2016, I thought that the Rice shield could use a redesign and decided to give it a go. Here’s what it looked like at the time:

previous shield

And here is my redesigned version:

my redesign

I took inspiration from the University’s older identities with the goal of producing a more timeless design that would work on screens and paper at different sizes. My design got some attention from other students at the time, but I never pitched it to any university officials as a potential replacement. A couple of years ago, I was interested to see that Rice updated their official shield to this:

current shield

I think it’s better than the previous one, and it hits some of the targets I had in mind with my redesign. I’m certainly biased, but still partial to mine. Below are some of the old resources I used for inspiration.

An early sketch of Rice’s academic seal:

academic seal

A version of the Rice shield used before the one that was current in 2016:

old shield

The Rice Athenian owl:

rice owl